So what does it are priced at to review?

So what does it are priced at to review?

1. Spending for lease including costs that are additional

People in Saxony need the cheapest leasing costs with on average 264 €, the greatest spending in Cologne with on average 375 € per month. The expenditure that is average pupil housing are consequently €323, in Erfurt €272 every month.

The money spent on rent furthermore is determined by the kind of housing under consideration: whether residing acquainted with moms and dads, in a hallway of abode, a shared flat (WG), subletting or in your flat (with or with no partner) – your options is diverse.

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2. Costs for dinners, clothing and training content

People invest €168 per thirty days on ingredients and €42 on clothes. The monthly spending for learning components such as for instance professional literature, stationery, copies, printer cartridges, which could differ based on the selected field of research, amounts to about 20 €.

3. Spending for trips expenses

The expenditure that is monthly an automobile and/or general general public transport was €94.

Complimentary travel

Pupils in the college of Erfurt and also the college of Applied Sciences just sustain prices for trains and buses away from Thuringia, since the semester solution entitles you to definitely free usage of trams and buses in Erfurt and regional transport in Thuringia. Read More …