It’s hard to imagine how some body could uphold the fresh new disgraced governor

It’s hard to imagine how some body could uphold the fresh new disgraced governor

Mike Lawrence’s Weekend attack towards the Gov. Rod Blagojevich and “well-intentioned people and you can groups seeking their help having worthwhile causes otherwise dreading retribution” is not completely instead of merit.

Nonetheless, Lawrence, a immediately following-known copywriter whom upcoming became a good Republican People flack, seemingly have an amazingly brief memories in this field regarding Illinois gubernatorial corruption.

I wanted maybe not go into outline about government inmate George Ryan and his pay-to-gamble transgressions. But what out-of his instant predecessors?

“Huge Jim” Thompson’s finest legacy in state government are the cynical and you will deliberate dismantling off a nationwide recognized merit team selection system. Of numerous, if not all, of those “hardworking” team disregarded by the Blagojevich had been by themselves the newest beneficiaries out of possibly open or clandestine Republican patronage.

Whoever had a task from inside the employing or contracting inside the Thompson years knows perfectly exactly how blatant and you will pervasive is the new disturbance of your own governor’s work environment from the awarding out-of work or contracts so you can contributors and you will followers. The one thing that conserved the latest Thompson server away from suffering the newest destiny from Ryan and you may Blagojevich was the lack of whistleblower protection. While the a reporter, Lawrence cannot maybe were unaware of the new Thompson era. Read More …