Theoretical Framework having Examining Relationship Techniques and you may Health

Theoretical Framework having Examining Relationship Techniques <a href=""></a> and you may Health

Especially, it has insights into the each other normative procedure out of careseeking and you may caregiving that will be highly extreme in the context of health risks and individual variations in connection concept which can contour individuals’ wellness behavior and you can outcomes along side expected life.

I decided to manage connection principle as the an enthusiastic exemplar of relationship technology principle because of its potential to make a multitude of interesting hypotheses strongly related to the partnership ranging from relationships and you will health behavior and effects

Shape step one merchandise a theoretical build for symbolizing present search and to own powering future really works. We received regarding biggest parts of accessory idea about how precisely rational representations out-of relationship could possibly get donate to matchmaking process especially careseeking and you can caregiving, and we train the effects out of matchmaking processes for mental responses, affective states, health conclusion, and extra, to own fitness outcomes. Firstly, that it theoretical schema are a general one at which researchers normally derive distinctions and you may particular more in depth habits, and you will importantly, hypotheses and look questions. Second, it requires accessory concept because the big originating create, even though the general means might be altered in order to model almost every other relationships constructs (age.g., matchmaking requirements; come across Canevello & Crocker, 2011 and you may Gable & Impett, within the press). Read More …